The Mental and Physical Toughness Program Created by a Navy SEAL That Will Change Your Life.

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What can YOU expect from YOUR Unbeatable Mind Academy Membership?

The Unbeatable Mind Academy is an intensive “boot camp style” training with step-by-step techniques for gaining mental clarity, increased focus, phyiscal fitness and nutrition, increased awareness… and much MORE.

You will receive access to my companion workbook (eBook)…, which includes:
  • The first premise of the warrior. Master this skill alone and you are operating at the top 1% of society!
  • The 2 disciplines you will need to develop as you begin your practice
  • The 3 stages of mental toughness at a physiological level
  • The 4 levels of awareness and how you should orient yourself to the world using these awareness levels
  • The 5 critical skills for developing mental toughness, including the “Big 4″ taught to Navy SEALs
  • The 6 core values you must make habits as a warrior
  • The 7 secrets to training mental toughness in others. Warriors don’t go it alone, I will teach you how to train your team
  • The 8 traits of the unbeatable warrior you must cultivate on your journey
SEALFIT Unbeatable Mind Guarantee

When you join the Unbeatable Mind Academy today you’re entering the SEALFIT family. This is not something we take lightly or for granted.

Because you’re now part of the SEALFIT family you’re getting the family treatment. During your membership you’ll be protected by our triple membership guarantee:

Guarantee #1:Guarantee #1: Delivery – You can count on SEALFIT to deliver the highest level content each and every month like clockwork. We’ll continue to provide your monthly lesson until you tell us to stop.

Guarantee #2: Guarantee #2: Affordability – For as long as you are member of Unbeatable Mind your membership tuition will NEVER change. Obviously we will likely increase the price as time goes on but not for you!

Guarantee #3 – 100% Satisfaction – If at any time you’re not thrilled with Unbeatable Mind Academy just let us know. We’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. You can contact our customer service at (760) 634-1833 or [email protected]


Coach Divine, I wanted to send a personal note of thanks for all of the great content you offer in the Unbeatable Mind program. I am currently on lesson six and it has been an incredible journey so far. I have so much more work to do to get to where I want to be but the last several months have been so meaningful.Sincerely, Mike Benoit
Individual results may vary
Dear Commander Divine, With the principles you teach, anyone can sail through life with integrity and courage. The five mountains create a journey of passion for life’s pursuit and people can overcome obstacles with relentless will. Forever humble,Marilyn
Individual results may vary
 I just emailed you regarding my free gift with my order of “The way of the Seal.”   The free gift is a digital copy of “The Unbeatable Mind.”  I am a high school coach and I have been receiving Marks news letters and have been using them with my high school hockey team.  We have recently won our third consecutive section championship.  I strongly believe that this season in particular this information has helped my team accomplish what they…
Rick Wrazin
Individual results may vary
I can’t believe how much I have learned so far with the Unbeatable Mind Academy! I have all of chapter 1 on my ipod and I have totally immersed myself into the program. I dropped 2kg in the first week of doing the Paleo diet and the Warrior Yoga has already improved my workouts and mental state. CheersDan Maguire, Unbeatable Mind Member
Individual results may vary
Commander Divine, I’m emailing you regarding my first month of the SEALFIT UMA. I have been an athlete for my entire life, being a competitive swimmer from ages 4-18, competing in triathlons in college, and I am currently a CrossFitter as well as an avid obstacle course racer and adventure racer (as well as the occasional 5k open water swim). Throughout my athletic carrier I’ve experienced almost out of body experiences with certain races or events where everything just click and…TRAIN HARD!
Individual results may vary
Commander Divine, Sir you probably get these letters all the time but I want you to know that you have profoundly changed my life and my lifestyle for the better. I am a better human being since UMA. I am gaining control of my monkey mind which has run amuck for many many years with self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. I am now part of the solution in this world and not part of the problem. I am a sheepdog. Although I have never been in the military I am a warrior on the battlefield of…Kevin F. (43) Charleston SC
Individual results may vary
Hey coach, Kubik here from up in Canada, I’ve been a part of unbeatable mind since the get go, haven’t been very disciplined with it until this past month. I’ve since dove in head first, and my performance has sky rocketed in the meantime, my coaches are honestly shocked by it. I did 14.1 on Friday in a negative head space and scored 302, and knew I could to better. Went to my mind gym for 3 hours that afternoon and visualized myself successfully completing it relaxed and…Hooyah! Kubik
Individual results may vary
Mark- I wanted to pass along some feedback on the program. It is outstanding. It is well worth the very modest fee you charge each month. Your resume crushes mine but I have made and lost (and made back) millions of dollars, sat across the table from everyone from Michael Jordan to UFC champions, studied various forms of personal development, visualization, hypnosis etc. and without a doubt Unbeatable Mind is the best program of its kind. It was the best birthday 43rd birthday present that I…Peter Klamka, Unbeatable Mind Member
Individual results may vary
I have never been in the military, but as a lifelong entrepreneur I have been in many battles.  Unbeatable Mind prepares you to deliver your best when the going gets tough.  I’ve never seen a program that is as complete as UM and the Five Mountain program, nor one that delivers so many results in so many areas of your life.  It has significantly improved my performance in business while at the same time enriching my personal life – its a game changer.  Its clearly superb for…-Howard Love, Founder/CEO of LoveToKnow & Angel Investor
Individual results may vary
Going into the 2012 Olympic Games, we were four cyclists who had only recently started training together for this event. Mark Divine  provided unique advice that helped us become a more tightly coordinated team. Mark was able to give highly qualified perspectives on teamwork from his background as US Navy SEAL.    -London 2012 Olympic Silver Medalists, Women's Team Pursuit
Individual results may vary

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